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Home Season

Each wind cycle in Yucatán begins in the month of November, with the arrival of the <<cold fronts>>, known locally as "Nortes". 

With this wind system, local kiters enjoy going sailing to take advantage of the wind and the students enjoy learning and practicing kitesurfing or wingfoil.


The Southeast

Between each <<North>> The wind usually turns and blows from the south. This is a type of warm wind and usually blows only in the morning. 


The Sea Breeze

!The queen of the house! The <<sea breeze>> it's a type of wind derived from the temperature difference between the sea and the land, which has the effect that the air runs in the direction of the sea and the coast. This is a very reliable type of wind for wind sports.



Yucatán is one of the most privileged places to practice wind sports, since the season runs until practically the month of August, with summer also being part of the wind season.

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