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Kitesurf course

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"What is kitesurfing?"

Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is an extreme sport that must be performed within "the standards" recommended by the International Kiteboarding Organization (I.K.O.). 

To practice this sport you need wind and the appropriate equipment: a kite with with a control bar, a harness and board, and for greater safety, a helmet and flotation vest, as well as two "quick release" leashes.

Our courses are endorsed by the I.K.O., which guarantees that you are training under international standards.

All our lessons are private, with an instructor who will train you until you become completely independent.

The course is divided into 3 levels: discovery, intermediate and independent.

The duration of each level depends on your ability to complete the sub-levels (techniques) within each level. 

In general, the average times are:

1st level: 2-3hrs;

2nd level: 3-4hrs; and,

3rd level: 5-6hrs.


Once you decide what type of service you would like to book, whether it's a single session or one of the packages (check "prices and bookings"), click the "book" button to connect you with one of our instructors to arrange schedules with you and address any questions.

Due to wind conditions, classes are typically in the afternoon, although during the winter season, there are days when morning training is also possible; our instructors will advise you on weather forecasts to choose the best time for your class.

The minimum duration per session is 2 hours, and the ideal time per session to practice is 2-3 hours.

Whether you hire a session or a package of hours, we include: private training with a professional I.K.O. instructor, the equipment to use during the lessons, international kiteboarding certification and the use of the facilities at the "Beach Club Palmar" for you at no additional cost.

Scroll down to learn about the content of the 3 levels we offer in the kiteboarding courses.


Level 1 - Discovery 


Fundamental control and security exercises.

This is the first stage of the course in which you will learn to pilot the kite, assemble it, store it, use the safety systems, walk with the kite, adjust it for a better performance, launch and land the kite, among other techniques that are essential to give the next step towards the intermediate level.

We recommend you check the following table to know the detailed content of the <<Discovery>> level.​​

level 1 discovery.jpg

Level 2 - Intermediate



Safety exercises and navigation principles.

The objective of this level is to reach the first navigation with a board, but first you must practice the safety procedures:​

- Kite water relaunch

- Bodydrag board recovery  ​

– Introduction to self-rescue​

Once you have acquired the safety skills that allow you to be more independent in the water, you will practice the first exercises to navigate with the board:"steady pull" and "waterstart", respectively.

At this stage you will also learn controlled stops.

We recommend you check the following table to know the detailed content of the <<Intermediate>> level.

level 2 inte ingles.jpg

Level 3 - Independent 


Independent navigation exercises and advanced techniques.

At this level you will improve your navigation skills; you will practice and understand the purpose of riding "upwind."

In order to change direction you will make "transitions" ("jibe" and/or "tack").   

This level includes a very important safety exercise: "self-rescue", which you will practice in deep water.

For the most advanced students, the last sub-level of the course consists of launching the kite independently (self-launching).

We recommend that you check the following table to know the detailed content of the <<Independent>> level.


leve3 independe ing.jpg
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